Pete Haan suggested that I dig out some of my old photos of Matt and Bruce Pollock from the arond 1970. Unfortunately I found very few climbing related ones of them, but I did dig up some of Haan (lots) and others. All dates are estimates, and I took all the photos except for the last one of me that Luke Freeman took. (the photos are on a slow server. sorry).
I've uptated this to include the comments from the responses.

Peter Haan and Galen Rowell '71, Indian Rock. I gave Galen a copy of this about 2 years before he passed away.

Peter Haan Soda Springs Tuolumne, '70.

Matt Pollock North Dome. Note the Cortinas. '69. We did this with Luke. This was one of my first digitizations, and it is pretty crappy. I just found the originals from this trip(!) and will redo them, maybe part of a Pollock thread

Peter Haan Sacher Cracker, '70. This was the first time Peter climbed it. I recall him being unconcerned about the offwidth but pretty nervous about the the finger crack at the bottom. Note the tiny rack and that he didn't even have a swami belt with leg loops.

Peter Haan Sacher Cracker, '70.

Peter Haan Sacher Cracker, '70.

Peter Haan Sacher Cracker, '70.

Peter Haan Sacher Cracker, '70.

Luke Freeman '69 or '70. (Photoshopped by Haan)

Luke Freeman '69 or '70.

Kim Schmitz, Marty and Peter '70.

Herb Swedlund '70(?)

Ben Borson and ...?(Lyda?), Indian Rock '71.

Ben Borson top of Water Course, Indian Rock '71.

Peter Indian Rock '71.

Amy and Mike, Indian Rock '71.

Me, Indian Rock '68 or '69. (photo Luke Freeman, Photoshopped by Haan)